” I have had the pleasure of working with Chuck for the past 15 years, both at Compassion and other organizations. He is simply the best photojournalist I have ever worked with – and I have worked with a lot of them. He has a unique ability to capture a moment as it is happening, telling the subject’s story as only a photo can, while being culturally sensitive, respectful to his subjects, and treating the poor with the dignity they deserve. He has a willingness to travel to any location to pursue the stories of those on the margins of society.”

Chuck McGinty,  Program Division Director

Compassion International

Photojournalist Chuck Bigger has thirty years of experience working cross-culturally in more than thirty countries around the world documenting global humanitarian issues for international development organizations, NGOs, and editorial publications in a dozen languages exploring the human condition and the environment with compassion, empathy, and dignity.